Kelly's Cause

Throughout October and November we are proud to be partnering with Kelly’s Cause.

Kelly‘s Cause is the leading provider of Mental Health First Aid training and mental health services to the hospitality industry, they are on a mission to create a healthier hospitality industry for all.

Kelly’s Cause was founded in honour of Kelly, a warm, hilarious, and very talented chef.  Kelly loved hospitality, she lived and breathed it. She worked and ate in some of the best restaurants in the capital. The harsh conditions, long hours, and intensity of life in hospitality took its toll on Kelly’s mental health and she took her own life in 2018, at just 23 years old. It wasn’t just working as a chef that led to Kelly’s suicide, but it was a major contributing factor. Kelly’s Cause are committed to changing the industry for the better through training, education, and support.

We will be donating £1 from every bill and room booking to the charity. To find out more about Kelly’s Cause and the fantastic work that they do, click here.




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