The best brunches

in London

19 Of London’s Best Brunches

“Come rain or shine, there’s nothing more satisfying than diving into a deep bowl of bacon rashers, fried tatties, saucy beans and a splattering of ketchup. Yep, we’re talking about the beloved brunch, the hip trend that’s been knocking about for years and you can’t help but absolutely adore.

Well, because we know you love the stuff so much we’ve rounded up the ultimate guide to London’s brunch scene. Here’s here to get your brunch on.

South Place Chop House

It’s not like the Chop House to do things by halves and their bottomless weekend brunch is no exception. Guzzle your way through bubbles, bellinis and mimosas while enjoying tempting meaty courses. Our fave off the menu has to be the prawn brioche roll with Marie Rose sauce, avo, lemon and hand cut chippies.”

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South Place Hotel
3 South Place, London, EC2M2AF
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