"There is a

great deal to be excited about"

“Harshly but accurately described by a frenemy as ‘a terrible disaster with a posh voice and a bad character’, Alex scampers jauntily from fine dining restaurant to theatre to luxury hotel to opera house.”

“As one approaches the glamorous and buzzy South Place, there is a very great deal to be excited about. The first thing that one notices is that it’s fun. A big, noisy restaurant on the ground floor – the South Place Chop House – lures in its fair share of City boys and girls, but there is also plenty of other jollity lurking in the slick corridors, whether it’s the ‘city speakeasy’ Le Chiffre, named after the James Bond villain, the ‘surprise oasis’ of the Secret Garden – a long way from Frances Hodgson Burnett with its emphasis on cigars and champagne, although come to think of it their addition might well have made the book a rather more readable one – and, of course, the Michelin-starred flagship in the D & D group, Angler.”

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South Place Hotel
3 South Place, London, EC2M2AF
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