Get summer body

ready at South Place

If you are looking to get those muscles perky and that booty peachy, follow our simple Summer Body guide from our very own Rui from OITOO fitness who works as a personal trainer and a biomechanics consultant at South Place Hotel.

Long gone are the days when holiday go-ers would rush to the gym a couple of months before their yearly break. Nowadays there seems to be a bigger awareness around health, exercise and more specifically nutrition. People are beginning to understand that yo-yo diets don’t work and are actually unhealthy and that a super intense exercise regime sometimes is not the answer to achieve that beach body.

There are 5 key tips you need to be consistent with:

1. Eat well 80% of the time.
If we break it down weekly it means you can have around 3 cr*p meals a week – ie: Friday evening, Saturday night and Sunday lunch – hair of the dog? Not a bad luxury for someone getting fit.

2. Change one habit at the time:
When it comes to nutrition we know that the easiest way to improve it is to keep it simple. Try to implement these suggestions one at the time:

• Eat small snacks/meals every 3-4 hours this way you will keep your appetite at bay
• Consume protein with every meal
• Include vegetables with every meal

– Save meals with higher portions of carbohydrates for meals after exercise. Your body processes carbohydrates more efficiently post exercise.

– Make sure to have a good amount of healthy fats in your diet. This includes saturated fat, monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat.

Start changing your breakfast according to these suggestions – and once you master it, you can naturally move onto your lunch.

3. Use a tracker app:
Food, sleep and fitness trackers are great to gives us awareness of our lifestyle. You will be surprised once you start looking at your data – and will definitely understand why you weren’t able to achieve your dream body.

4. Exercise:
•  Exercise 3 to 5 times a week. Make sure you do 80% weight training and 20% cardio. Even though both burn calories, weight training makes your muscles stronger to protect your joints, and will give you the body shape you desire – as well as increasing your metabolism for hours after training (this means you are burning calories without doing anything besides a lot other health benefits).

• Don’t assume that a good workout is a sweaty workout. You couldn’t be more wrong. One hour full blast with little to no rest will cause your body stress and will also sooner or later, leave you injured.

• If you’re not comfortable doing weight training on your own look for professional help. Otherwise you can always start with a simple beginner routine: Lower body/Upper body sets, 8 repetitions with 45 seconds rest in between.

• If you feel pain or discomfort don’t push through it. This means you might have an underlying injury. Respect your body and look for help. Note: don’t confuse muscle effort with pain. Injury pain is normally unilateral. If you feel pain in both legs in the exact same place it is most likely effort.

5. Take action
There’s not a better day like today. We often excuse ourselves for not starting our summer body journey or not sticking with the plan for the most varied reasons. Be honest with yourself, be accountable and focus on how happy you will be once you achieve your goals. Start now




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