“South Place Hotel is introducing works from talented, contemporary artists, Lynnie Z and Vince Fraser. From this week, the pieces will adorn the walls of the hotel entrance and the first floor.

The appreciation of art forms a core pillar to the ethos of South Place Hotel. This new collection is the first installation of 2019 within the luxury five-star hotel’s artist in residence programme, which aims to showcase creative work from exciting, up-and-coming artistic talent.

The hotel’s first floor will be transformed by the bold and bright colours of Lynnie Z’s art. Her ‘Forbidden Fruit’ collection will portray beguiling muses and powerful femme fatale, depicting women from the perspective of the female gaze as empowered and implicitly sensuous figures. The artwork adopts her distinctive energetic style and displays her explorative interpretations of women and their mystical allure.

London-based visual artist, illustrator and designer, Vince Fraser will introduce three of his psychedelic photomontages, which will each be projected in the entrance of the property for two- month rotations. The first will be ‘Noah’ which – like much of Fraser’s work – is vibrant, evocative and rooted in 1970s pop culture. His classic monochromatic style compliments the sleek colour palette in the hotel foyer.”

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