At South Place Hotel, art is a focus that can be seen throughout the venue. Every six months we work with different artists who exhibit on our first floor.

This time we have collaborated with the brilliant Lynnie Z – born and brought up in the wilds of the Scottish Borders juxtaposed into a creative family with strong African connections, instilled a love of different cultures into Lynnie Z, with a fascination for people, pattern and colour. Lynnie Z now lives & works in East London.

The exhibition will be showcasing a selection of Lynnie Z’s work portraying beguiling muses and femme fatales. Forbidden Fruit depicts women from the perspective of the female gaze, empowered and implicitly sensuous.

The exhibition focuses on an explorative view into her interpretations of women and their mystical allure, where characters form and take shape, while symbolism and atmospheres evolve. This cycle provides a constant source of inspiration for Lynnie Z.




South Place Hotel
3 South Place, London, EC2M2AF
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