Sustainable Love

Fairtrade Flowers X Lavender Green

This Valentine’s, we are supporting Fairtrade flowers by offering our guests exclusive Fairtrade bouquets designed and delivered by luxury florists, Lavender Green.

This is an exciting new partnership, as this year was the first year that Fairtrade flowers launched in luxury florists, with Lavender Green being one of the first.

By choosing flowers with the famous FAIRTRADE Mark, you can be sure that the flowers have not only been grown under fair conditions, but that the Fairtrade Premium, an additional sum of money on top of the commercial price, has been paid. Each farm has a democratically elected workers committee, who vote on how to spend these funds for social, environment and economics projects – that benefit workers and the local communities. These investments in workers and their children on Fairtrade flower farms has transformed people’s lives by giving them greater opportunities.

To share the love this Valentine’s, we are pleased to be working with Fairtrade and Lavender Green.

A bouquet of Fairtrade flowers is not just a gift for a special one in the UK, but for the communities who worked hard to grow them.

If you are interested in purchasing a bouquet of Fairtrade flowers, put together by Lavender Green this Valentine’s Day, please see here for more information.




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