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“Cambridge Gin is regarded as the most innovative distillery in the world and aims to produce outstanding and original gins.

Last week, I met with William Lowe, founder of Cambridge Distillery, at Michelin-starred Angler’s rooftop terrace where they have a Summer residency from now until the end of August 2019.

This collaboration includes cocktails specially created for the occasion using Cambridge Gin and served with snacks created by Executive Chef, Gary Foulkes. We had a sample of a couple of the bites too.

Gin starts life as a neutral (often grain-based) spirit. It’s pure ethanol, and then flavours are added through a process called re-distillation. The predominate botanical is always Juniper berry.

The juniper berry oils have been of medicinal interest for centuries. It’s the central ingredient in the making of a gin. Gin is a clear, powerful alcoholic spirit distilled from grain or malt and aromatised with juniper berries and other botanicals.

There are a significant number of different gin styles and classifications. London Dry Gin (an unadulterated grain spirit and natural botanicals, the flavour of which can only be introduced via re-distillation), to a sweeter Old Tom Gin, to Aged Gins (matured in oak barrels).

We were told that at Cambridge Distillery they go a step further, using local, fresh and seasonal botanicals and expertly blended by Master Distiller and owner, William Lowe.

Cambridge Distillery distils each botanical individually to achieve the perfect palate. At optimum temperature, ideal timing and pressure are just some of the variables that make this gin individual.

They also make tailored gin for discerning customers. ‘Individual gins for individual people”

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